The Radio Right

The hard right talk show hosts that command the majority of political radio listeners, have a problem. The smartest of whom probably understands it.

As Donald J Trump implodes, what do they do? These hosts, led by the Grandfather of the genre, Rush Limbaugh, have made a very good living (do you suppose the money was in their minds) by attacking the hated Democrats, liberals, LGBTQ Community, Muslims and other non-Christians, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Obama in a category all by themselves, and others.

But now, confronted with  Donald J Trump, defender of the Nazis, White Supremacists and Defenders of the Old Slave Owning South, they must take a stand. To say they have been wrong about him, to join any, even slight, criticism of his “dance with the Nazis” would lose them their audience, their large incomes even if it meant reclaiming just a bit of their reputations as compassionate human beings.

So far, they have made their choice. As each of his actions, his words, become more indefensible in a civilized society, one that includes all peoples of whatever race or religion, the most prominent  have decided to “double and triple down.”

Defend him to the end and join him in signing off.


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