By God, That’s Enough!

There is this great scene in the movie “Patton,” when the allied generals in North Africa are discussing the battle and two German planes come over and begin strafing and bombing.  The generals duck for cover under tables as the planes keep sweeping back and forth over the town to bomb and strafe some more

Suddenly Patton (George C Scott) exclaims “By God, that’s enough!” as he jumps down into the street, pulls out his two pistols, and begins firing at the planes on their next pass.

Well, when one tries to absorb the daily bombing and staffing emanating from Donald J Trump and his merry band of thugs, the lies, the cruelty, the ignorance, the government-by-twitter, don’t you just feel like saying “By God, that’s enough!”

In the past couple of days, Donald J Trump has laid down conditions for making a deal with the Democrats on giving the DACA children a life in this Country where they have grown up and where they contribute that makes it clear there can be no deal on his preposterous terms – build the wall indeed!

Then, to say that Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, didn’t have the guts to run for re-election after Corker let it be known publicly that he doesn’t believe Donald J Trump has the capacity to be president, well Corker is right to reply  that the White House has become “an adult day care center.”

The continued “gutting” of the EPA in pursuit of profits over planet is a horrible thing to watch.

The teaching the Puerto Ricans they should be grateful for any attention, no matter how small and how late is a monstrosity.

And how about telling us that his meeting with the brass was “the calm before the storm,” telling his Secretary of State he’s wasting his time trying to talk to the North Koreans, and saying that won’t work, only one thing will work!

All that is pretty scary until you remember that Secretary of Defense  Mattas has instructed the military that any “strike” twitter order from the White House will have to go through the chain of command (and that means him)  before it can be executed and believe me, Mattas is not going to approve “destroying” twenty five million people in one thermonuclear attack!

There’s a lot more but the head reels, the mind falters, the energy flags in trying to absorb it all. In the end, it  boils down to this: We are in the hands of a child, a foolish child at that, a child with no capacity to think straight or act decently but a child who is dangerous!

As I’ve said before, we are in the hands of an EVI (Egomaniacal Vulgarian Ignoramus).

And its time to say:

By God, that’s enough!

We must keep the pressure on Congress to remove this child. Make our voices heard. Take to street corners and public squares. Write letters to the editor. Never become complacent or accepting of this truly horrible situation. Give of our time and money to the cause. Those of you who are able, run for public office. And at every opportunity on the local and higher levels, vote!

Oh, one last thing. We expect our president to be a person of manners, someone the kids can look up to and learn from when it comes to deportment and civil behavior.

HA! Not the EVI as the New York Times Editorial Board has put it so well in listing just some of the coarse and crass behavior exhibited by him.

Here’s the link:

And now, a smile. When driving to downtown Albuquerque this morning I found a balloon from the Albuquerque Balloon Festival threatening to land on top of my vehicle. A stiff ground breeze had sprung up and Balloons were going every which way. This one was coming for me having just managed to clear the light and US 25 freeway. I threw the cell phone camera to the floor  and gunned it to escape. The Balloon landed safely on the dirt patch to the right in the picture.

Do you think the EVI was guiding the Balloon to get me? That’s absurd but I probably should check with Alex Jones just to make certain.




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