Guns Don’t Kill People, A Post Revisited

Another day, another massacre (at Sugarland, Texas) and anther round of debate over gun control.

As I reported after the last massacre (who remembers where –  oh yes, Las Vegas), Wayne la Pierre of the NRA tells us that “guns don’t kill people, people using guns kill people.”

Got it.

It was Paul Tibbets who blew away 78 thousand people one morning over Hiroshima, not that weapon named “Little Boy” he dropped on them. 

“Little Boy” and later his brother “Fat Man” dropped over Nagasaki were themselves harmless until used by people.

I’m with you, Wayne.

We must fight this tyrannical “non-prolifieration” effort by so many nations led by the United States to deprive people of their “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” weapons since the weapons themselves don’t kill people.

Paul Tibbets Right to Bear Arms shall not be abridged!!!

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