Trump’s Poison Pill of Love for DACA

Donald J Trump told a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers that he wants to make a deal on saving the DACA children (brought to this Country by their parents illegally but through no fault of their own) from being deported.

He said he wants Congress to pass a “Bill of Love” for those children and will sign anything, even if he disagrees with some of the provisions, that a bi-partisan effort produces.

Wow, hosanna, bless us all. We have seen the miracle of salvation!

Well, uh, there is just one little catch.

In order to sign such a “Bill of Love,” he will insist that  the first tranche of money (18 Billion Dollars) be appropriated for building the “Southern Border Wall” he promised during his presidential campaign.

Witness the “Poison Pill” in “Trump’s Bill of Love”.

Forgive me, my, hard heartedness, but under no circumstances must Trump be given his “border wall!”

Why not? Politics is the Art of the Possible and making a deal with everyone getting something they want is the essence of good Deal Making.

Because, in this case to give Trump the Wall would allow him to tell his loyal Base that on the single most important issue of his presidential campaign, the promise to build a wall to keep those non-white “rapists” out, he had won.

He knows he must have the Wall or be exposed  to his adoring base as a “con man” who sold them an impossible “bill of goods.”

If we are to end the Trump presidency soon by Constitutional means (and the very life of the Country could depend on it), we must have the support of not just the “never trump” majority  but the support of a significant portion of his base.

Give him the wall and you give him enough of the Country that Impeachment or the 25th Amendment would be all but impossible.

I, also, want to keep the “dreamers” here. Good people that they are, they deserve compassion and the right to stay among us.

However, cruel as it sounds, the most important thing to this Country now is to get rid of Donald J Trump along with his merry band of  selfish thugs and enablers before we, dreamers and the rest of us, go down in a whirlpool of vile, ignorant destruction.






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