Please Fire Robert Mueller

Donald J Trump, please, I beg of you, fire Robert Mueller.

The New York Times, citing four sources who requested anonymity, reports that you decided to fire him last June. And were only dissuaded from ordering the trigger pulled at that time by White House counsel Donald McGahn who threatened to resign if you did.

Well, think of what is at stake now that the news is out.

First, you made your reputation by always following your instincts, by marching to your own “drummer.” That’s one reason why so many folks voted for you. You take decisive action without wasting time to think it through. Only those “elite” Noam Chomsky “egg head” types dither over the options. And only “losers” shrink from the opportunity to strike.

If Hillary Clinton and quite a few others objected to your racist and bigoted themes (they send their rapists, Muslims should be barred entry, there are good people on both sides when protestors complain about a march by Nazis, objecting to the entry of people from “sXXXhole” countires, etc.), why it just shows these “cry babies” don’t want America to be First.

It shows these people who object to your vision are, themselves, not good Americans. You are so right, the libel laws need to be tightened and the Idea of Freedom of Speech and the Press needs to be overhauled. Until they are, you must push back, never back down, stick out your chin and plow through the chafe that your enemies reign down on you.

Second, you are always a Winner! Didn’t you beat Clinton in the Electoral College and would have won the popular vote as well if almost three million in- eligible voters had not been able to do so?

Winners don’t allow inferior people like Mueller and his partisan FBI Investigators to question their actions. Haven’t you already declared this investigation a “witch hunt” and all the stories which indicate to the contrary  “fake news” spread by a deep Obama underground seeking to destroy your presidency?

You are known to be an honest man who always tells the truth so not to worry that lies spread by others will be believed.

And to those faint hearted “shrinking violets” who bleat that firing Mueller would bring the same disastrous result to you that firing Archibald Cox did to Nixon, well  Nixon was always a loser, you are a winner. And besides, you don’t have any tapes of your private conversations. At least when you hinted that you did to try to shut up James Comey you finally said you didn’t.

In short, you can do anything you want. Grab your enemies by their most tender parts as you do women. Only the weak will object and strong men pay no attention to the weak (or the sick or the poor or the racial leeches or the Gypsies).

So, rid yourself of this “meddlesome” Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Fire Rod Rosenstein and anyone else who stands in your way of making American Great Again.

The World will rejoice and your place in history will be higher than Lincoln’s.

I beg you to do it.

If you do, that should finally do it!




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