Ramming Speed

Donald J Trump, it’s over. Your child-like instance that “if I don’t get my way (on the Wall) I’ll shut down the Government” is over.

Your last ploy of suggesting you could declare a “National Emergency” in order to build a wall without express Congressional appropriations, without the support of the majority of Americans, is over. Your own advisors tell you it can’t be done.

And now, how to save face before your hot eyed “Base” who bought your truly evil, mean idea that we are facing an “invasion” on our Southern border, an invasion of brown-skinned rapists and murderers and drug dealers which requires a Wall.

Think of it.  This Country which, since it’s birth, has stood for a haven for people seeking a better life should put up a Wall.

Donald J Trump needs to lose “Bigly,” needs to be seen to lose “Bigly,” Will that strip away his dedicated fans, Americans who walk among us daily -good people in so many ways – but who have a “screw lose” in fundamental lessons of what makes this Country great?”

Perhaps, only a few. But every one who once believed in this con-man, this charlatan and is forced to realize they were duped is a good thing for them and good for the Country.

Ultimately, Trump is a symbol, an agent of the great struggle – a second civil war – underway here. Do we move forward in an inclusive world of peoples, religions, community attitudes that break down “tribalism and nationalism” or do we attempt to hold the line against such change and live in the past, in the “good old days”  before science and technology and study of the human condition made our lives so much better?

In a way, it may have been a good thing that this truly ignorant man tried to blackmail the majority of Americans by shutting down a portion of the Federal Government. Not a good thing for the people who have been hurt by such a tactic but in the sense that while he may never learn to over come his petulant, infantile insistence on “winning” no matter what and how, he must certainly understand that he lost this one. And if he doesn’t, at least a few of his former fans will and profit from the lesson.

Donald J Trump has lost.

And forgive me, I am delighted!

Let us end this partial shutdown of the Federal Government . Let us free some 800,000 workers from the hardship of no pay check. Let us return to “Regular Order” in which the Government is not held hostage to the fiery and selfish whims

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