Delenda est Trump(ism)

It is said that toward the end of his life the Roman Senator Cato (the elder) ended every one of his speeches in the Senate no matter what the speech subject with these words: “Delenda est Carthago (Carthage must be destroyed).”

For some time I have borrowed from Cato and ended each of my emails to a small circle of friends with these words: Delenda est Trump(ism). I add the “ism” to make clear I wish this man no physical harm. It is what he stands for, his capacity to do and intends to do in his high position to our country that must be destroyed.

And How?  By removing him from the presidency by legal and constitutional means and that requires the Republican officials and members of the Republican party everywhere to lead the way.

The Washington Post op-ed writer Jennifer Rubin (who was hired by the Post to represent the conservative Republican view but has deferred to no one in her criticism of Donald J Trump) this morning threw down the gauntlet to Republicans.

” Republicans cannot say, “That’s not us — that’s just President Trump.” They supported him, they elected him, they defended him and they gave him the aura of a normal presidency. They cannot be the party of Lincoln and be the party of Trump. In that vein, we can dispense with Republicans’ “outrage,” “frustration,” “anger” and all other meaningless expressions of internal sentiment. Unless and until they are prepared to do something — not just send tweets — to politically disown Trump, the party is toast and none of its members should be elected or reelected.”

Jennifer may have over reached in her righteous upset (Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and others have done more than just wring their hands and issue statements of opposition to Terrible Trump Tantrums) but it’s hard to argue with her central point.

It is time to remove Donald J Trump from the presidency. There have been three major efforts to remove a president through the Constitutional impeachment process (I’ve personally covered two of them – Nixon & Clinton) and it’s certainly time now for a fourth.

To simply wait him out until 2020 or until some catastrophe occurs is unacceptable. Under his tutelage the Country is changing in ways that left unchecked will doom our way of life.

The Impeachment course has hazards, the chief one being that Donald J Trump’s hard core supporters will surely push back regardless of the evidence against him. And in ways that we must consider might be violent.

Consider the possible difference now as against the effort made in 1974 that would have surely removed a president if that president had not voluntarily “walked the plank.”

In 1972, Richard Nixon won re-election by a large majority, but as the investigation into his role in covering up the Watergate Burglary developed the facts that majority fell away, slowly at first but over the months more rapidly. People who had voted for Nixon considered the evidence and by the summer of 1974, he had no “base” that would stand for him against the majority of the public that wanted him out.

Yes, then at the end, there was the smoking gun of Nixon’s own voice cooking up the “cover up” with his chief of staff in the Oval office. Today, there may not be such a dramatic piece of evidence.  For instance, if a move is made against Donald J Trump on the grounds that someone who gives comfort to Nazi supporters is not fit to lead this Country it is not certain that his hard core supporters will agree, particularly as he continues to cry that it is the “alt left,” the Democrats and the News Media that are viciously and unfairly out to get him.

However, not acting now for fear of possible violence would only ensure that the violence we saw provoked in Charlottesville will continue elsewhere. And the harm to our Country at home and abroad will continue.

Enough of this “doom and gloom” talk; let me end on a brighter note. And what could be brighter or at least humorous than to call on the King of Reality TV.

The President, red of face, clearly seized by anger, delivered his repetition of his view that “both sides” in Charlottesville were violent and that on the so-called “bad” side there were many good people at his New York residence in an impromptu meeting with reporters. But the last paragraph of the New York Times lead story about that meeting reads this way:

“Soon after Mr. Trump was done speaking, he wandered close to the velvet rope line that held a group of about 20 reporters and photographers, his mood noticeably brighter. A reporter asked if he planned to visit Charlottesville after the tragedy there. Mr. Trump replied by saying he has a house there, and provided an endorsement of the Trump Winery nearby.

Then he disappeared into Trump Bar, taking a shortcut to his residence next door.”

Never miss an opportunity to tout your wares – Trump wine, yes indeed, gotta try it!

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  1. “Delenda Est Trump(ism).” — That is brilliant, Sam. And, I agree, wholeheartedly. What a disgrace, Trump is… and a dangerous one.

    I’m happy to see your blog, and will read it regularly.

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