Michael Flynn Cops A Plea: Is Trump Trembling?

Oh, how sweet it is to replay Lt. General (USA Retired) Michael Flynn leading the chant of “lock her up” at the Republican Convention last year.  Put this on your browser address line, then enjoy.

“If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail,” he shouted from the podium. Wait a bit, General, wait a bit  You may get your turn.

But Flynn is not the main target here.

Clearly from what we know from the public prints he was almost certainly facing a possible indictment on other, more serious charges. Except he “bargained” for lighter treatment in return for information about others he had and was willing to disclose under oath if called on to do so.

Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller agreed to “go easy” on Flynn (and his son?) in return for information offered he obviously evaluated it for it’s quality – how important in the overall investigation, how solid factually and against whom?

Surely not “three people in the mail room” Flynn can testify “J-walked” across Connecticut Avenue heading toward the Russian Embassy.

It would be naïve if one does not understand that the main targets in the effort to discover the truth about accusations of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians are campaign officials on Flynn’s level or higher.

Ultimately this investigation must attempt to answer the question: Was there Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and if so, did Donald J Trump himself participate in or condone it.

So, is Trump Trembling tonight? I don’t know.

If he isn’t, it is because he really is innocent of any illegal or improper involvement with Russian election tampering.

Or, if he is involved but isn’t trembling, that can only be because he is so “cock sure” of his ability to ride out any “storm” or to beat any “rap” that he is  confident the law or an outraged pubic majority cannot touch him.

Not him!

If it should be the latter, he is dead wrong. Our system of legal and public judgement works. As a reporter who covered Washington for fifty two years, I saw it work time and time again.

When Nixon first de-rided a “third rate burglary,” when Reagan first said there was “no foundation” to the story of selling Arms to Iran for the exchange of hostages, when Clinton first said he had never had sex with “that woman, Miss Lewinsky” the system forced the truth from them.

And there were many more instances in which I saw the System thwart the “high and  mighty’s”  attempt to escape truth and justice.

So, if Donald J Trump has done nothing illegal, he need not tremble because of information Flynn or anyone else gives Robert Mueller.

On the other hand, if he is involved in acts illegal or improper, no matter what he thinks he can get away with, I have news for him:

You can’t. Our system still works and you are already finished, just too vain or too stupid to know it.


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