A Story of Crime and Punishment in Arizona

Here is a story so horrifying that it must bring tears to the eyes of any but the most hard hearted.

It is a story from Arizona but it could and is happening in much of the rest of America.

As reported in the Washington Post (and elsewhere), it is the story of how a policeman in Mesa, Arizona, named Philip “Mitch” Brailsford shot to death a man named Daniel Shaver two years ago and has now been found innocent of all charges connected with the shooting by a jury in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Here is what I hope you’ll do. Read the story, then watch the video of what happened from a police camera on the scene.

Here is the link:


The jury watched the video which shows Shaver trying desperately to obey police commands as he crawls as instructed toward the police who tell him if he doesn’t do exactly as ordered he will be shot

Shaver begs for his life as he crawls but it doesn’t help.

He is shot to death in a fusillade of bullets from Brailsford’s AR-15 assault weapon on which was etched the words “You’re F—ed.”

Show it to others. Then ask yourself and others these questions:

Why, really, did officer Brailsford shoot Daniel Shaver?

Why would that Arizona jury find that Brailsford acted properly?

These two questions shout themselves. They really demand an answer. The growing divide and mutual animosity between this Country’s police and  African American community must be bridged but never can be as long as questions like those go unanswered and unresolved.

Yes, it all makes you cry.

-for Shaver who met a fate he didn’t deserve.

-for Brailsford who acted as he did.

-for the Jury which exonerated Brailsford.

And for the rest of us who have not done enough to see to it that the need for such crying stop!

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