Mr. Kim Goes to Washington

Kim Jong-un is on his way to Washington, a reformed man who has awakened to the desperate needs of his people and is determined to give up the losing ways of his family.

Whereas, like his father and grandfather he had been steadfastly adhering to a policy of confrontation fueled by threats and murders, Mr. Kim has come out of the shadows and walked, nay trotted, into the sunlight of reunion, fellowship and peace.

Never mind that he had his Uncle put to death, his half brother murdered in an airport, American student Otto Warmbier tortured in a North Korean prison cell before releasing him to die in America, never mind all the threats of nuclear destruction of his neighbors and, of course, the United States. All that has been erased with the clink of Champaign glasses and wide smiles of good natured fellowship.

“I know the Americans are inherently disposed against us, but when they talk with us, they will see that I am not the kind of person who would shoot nuclear weapons to the south, over the Pacific or at the United States,” Mr. Kim was quoted as telling South Korea’s president. Only recently Mr. Kim was making such threats including to explode a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific but we must understand he is a changed man.

Meanwhile, all Mr. Kim will ask is the lifting of economic sanctions imposed by the world community on his nation, a few billion (actually, perhaps many billions) of American aid for his impovrished country and its people, a peace treaty to officially end the long Korean war and the promise by the United States not to invade his Country.

That agreed to when the historic meeting between the North Korean dictator and the American president occurs, it is said Mr. Kim will make good on his promise to end his nuclear program and give up his nuclear devices although, naturally, the process of doing that will take place in “stages” and over a period of time.

Skeptics will note that North Korea signed agreements to end its nuclear program in 1992, 1994, 2005 and to an extent in 2012.

And broke every one of them.

But this time it is different. Mr. Kim is not his father or grandfather and younger and bolder wants something new and better for his people. He even dreams of reunification with the South.

Under a democratic system wherein the president of the reunified Country is elected (which might mean Mr. Kim no longer holds power)? We swoon with the thought.

Further, Mr. Kim will be dealing with an American president of unprecedented ability to make “deals” that last and work. If others argue that Donald J Trump is an ignorant, unpredictable and impulsive business and deal-making failure, well, Mr. Kim does not know that.

As President Trump’s fans tell us, Mr. Kim has come to this new understanding because he fears the mighty wrath of President Trump and is cowed by the thought of engaging with him. Certainly, Mr. Kim understands he could never get the best of Donald J Trump (certainly the banks never did) and therefore will not even try.

Well what can I say?

I can say that things that seem too good to be true are usually not true.

I can say that Leopards do not change their spots and tigers do not change their stripes.

I can say that a pell mell rush to cut the Korean Gordian knot with Trump’s sword is a “fools errand” and a dangerous one to boot.

And, of course, I can say that I could be wrong.

Finally, I can say I’d feel a whole lot better if it were Jimmy Stewart making this new trip to Washington.

His first one turned not just fine!

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