Truth Is On The March, Rudy, And Nothing Will Stop It!

Rudy Giuliani (America’s Mayor?), now in the service of Donald J Trump,  explained on NBC’s Meet the Press why his client should not submit to an interview with Special Council Robet Mueller.

He said that  Trump might be falling into a “perjury trap” since, quote, “the Truth  is not the Truth,” explaining that someone’s statement of what is true may not be someone else’s  statement of what is true. Who , then, is to say what is the truth with such conflicting asssertions of the same thing?”

Such as if Trump says one thing and his accusor says another thing, for Trump to testify makes him liable to committing perjury if the other fellow’s statement is accepted over Trump’s by the Special Council.

Here is the link to the exchange with MTP host Chuch Todd:

Breathtakng. Truth is not the Truth?  Is America’s Mayor Crazy?

Like a Fox!

We are in the “end game” phase of all this and Donald J Trump and his band of selfish enablers know the vise is closing. Their last, great hope is to “muddy” the waters to the extent that the Amerian majority will somehow  not accept the findings of the Special Counsel.

So why not suggest there are “alternative” truths  – Trump’s and the Special Counsel’s?

Now really, consider: Did I rob the bank yesterday? I say I didn’t, the police say I did. Are these equal “truth’s” and if I give mine am I ipso facto in a “perjury trap?”

No, the evidence will show that I did or I didn’t, which “truth”  is backed up or not by the facts? And if I comitted perjury in saying I didn’t when the facts show that I did, was that a trap? No, the facts and my own lying tongue tripped me up, not a prosecutor’s “trap.”

And that is what the Trumpsters are so desperately afraid of, that the  facts as shown by evidence will pin Donald J Trump to the “Wall of Justice.” That is why Rudy Giuliani spews nonsense in the desperate hope that enough people will believe it.

Forgedda about it, Rudy. Give it up. You can’t win.

Emil Zola said it best in defending French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was falsely charged with treason. As a jew , Dreyfus had become a target in a time of extreme anti semitism.

Pointing to the mounting evidence of Dreyfus’s innocence, Zola said:

“Truth is on the march. And nothing can stop it.”

Dreyfus  was exonerated. And you, Donald J Trump, what will the unstoppable truth do to you?

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