The Kavanaugh Knife Fight- At Last

The Democrats at last are wielding a big knife in the back alley fight of modern day American politics.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has become a target in his quest for a seat on the United States Supreme Court and  is caught in a new dance, one in which  two are “tangoing,” not just one.

In 1988, the Republicans swung a butcher knife to savage poor Mike Dukakis with their soft on crime “Willie Horton” campaign and the Democrats never lifted even a pen knife  to gut them back.

In 2004, the Republicans swung a Bowie knife at poor John Kerry with their “swift boat” denial of his Vietnam heroism and the Democrats never lifted even a paring knife to stick it in the GOP gizzard.

In 2016, the Republicans took  a Guillotine to the job of “criminalizing” poor Hillary Clinton over the use of a personal email account and the Democrats couldn’t even find little George Washington’s hatchet with which to strike them down.

But now when an opportunity has fallen into their hands  to defeat the Kavanaugh nomination, Democrats are using a huge Samurai sword with a skill and savagery heretofore not seen in the party of the Donkey.

Let us see how, forsaking the pristine Marquis of Queensberry rules, they are cutting and slashing with effect.

Senator Diane Feinstein is handed a letter weeks ago with a potentially explosive charge against Kavanaugh and what, she just sits on it? Until almost the “last minute” when she turns it over to the FBI asking for an investigation.

Had she not had sense enough to raise the subject  immediately  the idea of an investigation could have been thoroughly argued and perhaps even done by this time.

But the “last minute” now throws the Republican time table requiring a favorable vote before the mid-term elections into doubt, possibly derailing it.

Kindly have the grace to wipe the blood off your knife in private, Diane.

Now the Republicans realize the problem and, believe it or not, do the best thing they can. Seem sympathetic to the need for a hearing of the charges (smart enough not to cavalierly degrade and dismiss the accuser today as they could  back in the the good old days of Clarence  Thomas).  And, at the same time, gag their “man child” into keeping his mouth shut and not as is his habit speaking stupidly and screwing everything up.

Yes, say the Republicans, the accuser can come and testify before the Committee. Next Monday will do nicely and by the way no other witnesses will be heard. The accuser can accuse and Kavanaugh can deny and the Republicans can, having fairly heard from both sides, deliberate this “she says, he says” quandary, then vote to confirm.

Neat, don’t you think.

But wait, the accuser, seizing the Democrat’s shiny new big knife, says she will not testify before the Committee until the  impartial FBI investigation that Senator Feinstein requested has been conducted.


What will the Republicans do? Cave to the growing surge of outrage by women – and men – and agree to an investigation? At best that would mean a delay, perhaps past the mid-term elections. If those elections go badly, surviving Republicans sensing the climate for their own next election may vote against Kavanaugh.

And at worst should an investigation turn up evidence that supports the accuser’s story  the nomination is “cooked,” period.

So, perhaps the Republicans will decide to reject an investigation and bull it through. If the accuser doesn’t agree to testify, just say she had her chance and vote to confirm. If she does come the Committee will hear the accusation, hear Kavanaugh’s denial,  then vote to confirm.

It’s up to  Mitch McConnell. McConnell wielded the big knife in 2017, to deny even a hearing on the Garland nomination and his gamble paid off. He might decide “Damn the (mid term election) torpedoes, let’s just go for it and accept the political consequences for the sake of nailing down a conservative Supreme Court.

But either way, two things have changed.

Donald J Trump is not calling the shots on this one. The old Republican party will decide what to do by and for itself.

And now in that rat infested dark alley of modern American politics which the Republicans organized and played so well alone for years, they must  know that the other fellow is going to come at them with a big knife also.

Neat, or don’t you  think.







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