Eyes On The Prize – No Wall!

As the partial Federal Government shut down continues, The Washington Post has been pushing for days now for a Deal between Donald J Trump and his Democratic Congressional critics that would “Save the Dreamers.”

Would that be possible?

I’m for it, you may be for it.

But on what terms, at what cost?

There is a wonderful saying adopted and used successfully by the Civil Rights Movement of the past sixty/seventy years and it is this:

Keep the eyes on the prize!” Meaning, the most important thing is to remember the most important thing.

The most important thing today is to rid this Country and the World of Donald J Trump from any position of importance, power or influence…certainly from the Office of President of the United States!

That is the most important thing.

In any list of public needs in this Country after that comes high on the list a new immigration policy that ensures that the DACA children, the “Dreamers” are kept here save from harm and allowed a path to citizenship. But that is not the “Prize.”

The Post began by saying in so many words that it was worth giving Trump the 5.7 Billion he wants for his wall if he would guarantee the “Dreamers.” Since then the Post has modified its idea of a dream “Deal” to ensure that the money is actually spent in a realistic way and that the guarantee is not temporary or conditional.


Donald J Trump must not be appropriated one penny for construction of his wall. It is vital that he fail to achieve his primary campaign appeal to bigotry and racial hatred, to a renunciation of the hope this Country has always held toward the world that we are a haven, yes, forgive me, a “Shining City on a Hill.”

He must be defeated and be seen by those poor Americans who gave him their own hope as the truly evil con-man that he has always been. I say this not as a punishment toward those Americans but as a desire for them to see the truth and join the rest of us in returning our Country to the values that have always made us great.

Thankfully, the Courts have prevented the immediately assault on the “Dreamers.” If it came to the point – and I do not for a minute believe it will – that at midnight tomorrow Trump either gets his money for a Wall or the Dreamers are immediately deported, expelled from our Country, I reserve the right to change my mind.

The Washington Post or anyone else who thinks with the heart as well as the head are indeed blessed “for blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God (KJV).”

But for now, Donald J Trump must be forced into ignominious defeat: he must not be allowed to successfully use the “Dreamers” as a bargaining chip for a claim of victory that his so-called “base” could hang onto.

Remember the “Prize” and keep your eyes on it!

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