Racism Is A Threat – To Whom?

Charles W Blow, the NYT op-ed columnist, dissects Donald J Trump’s latest “tweets” telling four young women of color in the House of Representatives to go back to the Country where they came from (three of them came from the USA where they were born but never mind facts, he never does, why should we) and concludes, Blow does, that Trump is an inveterate and dedicated “Raging Racist”.

Right Charles, and I know you said that long before this latest proof.

Of course, in Trump’s case that is who he is at the moment. Remember, he has no fixed view on anything except what he perceives works for him at the moment. But he is stuck with this view because there in no other avenue toward re-election open to him but to energize his solid 30-33% of American rascist Troglodytes.

Yes, racism is a moral sin. That is a given. But when it comes to white racism, that is a mortal threat and the deadly truth is that the threat is overwhelmingly to whites.

Consider that of the almost eight billion people estimated to be on earth at this time only 11.1 percent are white. Does one with only a slight ability to reason believe that America can exist for long as a white enclave surrounded by almost ninety percent of the world’s population?

And as the third and fourth world gain power (see Asia and who comes behind) this overwhelming majority of non-whites will demand more and more of the World’s wealth and resources from their former masters.

As a white American I oppose white racism because it is morally wrong but I also oppose it for my own safety’s sake.

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