I have not posted a blog here since September of 2019. I ran out of things to say about Donald J Trump. How often can you say a skunk smells or a viper’s bite may kill you or a mad dog carrying the rabies virus must be stopped (in the dog’s case, “put down”) before more people die?

And I had no new insight about him or his cruel destructive words and actions. People who did not recognize who and what he is are not going to pay any attention to my view and those who do don’t need me to remind them of what they already know.

But now -as I write on December 27, 2020 – we are in the end game for Donald J Trump. And I do have something to say about that.

As I watch things play out, I’ve wrestled with the question of whether Trump knows he’s lost and can in the end do nothing to change Biden’s assumption of the Presidency on January 20th but is simply running his “stolen election” demands in order to continue to raise money and energize his base for the future…OR…whether he really believes he can use his present levers of power and hold on his base to continue as President.

What we know of Trump’s life as an adult and what we see of the current available evidence has convinced me it is the latter – he really thinks he can pull off the coup and remain the president.

I believe he thinks, then, that a general chaos┬áIn Government/Nation by vetoing the Defense Appropriations Bill, threatening to veto the Pandemic Relief/General Appropriations bill and through the use of his Pardon Power makes it possible that on January 6th somehow the Congress will exercise┬áits right to refuse to nail in Biden’s election and he will then somehow be able to declare martial law and somehow either re-run the election in the swing states or somehow simply remain in power.

I do not think any of these “somehows” will work for Trump.
Of course, I may be (and hope than I am) wrong about his mindset. But if that is what he is about the next few days may be dangerous in every way. In which case Trump will still lose but at a cost to the rest of us that can only be un-imaginable.

We and the United States will survive, our stated goals of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” still there for all to enjoy.

And this terrible episode will be a teaching moment for future generations.

Future generations must be on the alert when a “Mad Dog” tries to run amuck and the beast must be forcefully rejected when first seen before the viruses carried spread and kills the people and the idea of the United States of America.

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